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MLB Top News

2018 Bowman Baseball 2 Blaster Box Break PYTBonus. SuperFactor OHTANI? TBV003 For Sale

 2018 Bowman Baseball 2 Blaster Box Break PYTBonus. SuperFactor OHTANI? TBV003

This item has been shown 1 times.

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2018 Bowman Baseball 2 Blaster Box Break PYTBonus. SuperFactor OHTANI? TBV003 :

NinjasSportsCardBreak Will be breaking:

  • 2018 Bowman Baseball 2 Blaster Box Break + Bonus

TheTeam You have chosenwill be Your Team In the Break.

14 Total Packs plus 2 extra pack. 10 cards per pack. Win Prizes By Finding Retail-Exclusive Big League Breakthrough Cards. Odds 1:223

You Are offerding on 1 SPOT in a Bowman BaseBall 2 Blaster BOX Break, only. Not the Actual Baseball Box Pictured.

  • Break wont happen till all spots are filled. If you cant wait that Long, PLEASE DO NOT Purchase a Team. thanks!

Please be patient for all 30 spots to be filled. It will take other PPl to fill 29 other sales.If It is taking to long for you and cant wait, Please feel free to ask for a refund. Please Do Not leave a negitive response, i am willing to work with you.

PLEASE NOTE:Redemption cards (if Any) In this break, the expiration Date is unknown and Not Guaranteed. If the Redemption Card is expired, I will not ship the Card to you. it will be consider NO VALUE.

  • 2 Box break 2018 Bowman Baseball Blaster box - 1 Spot PYT TEAM

The List of cards that will Get sent out to the Winner(s)

1. Autographs Cards

2. Redemptions cards (if not expired)

3. Relics/MEMORBILIA Cards: Patch/Jerseys/Game ball/Helmets, Shoes, Gloves, ECT.),

4. Printing Plate (any ink Color)

5. Acetate Card (numbered Only)

6. Some Base Cards

7. Any 1 of 1 Cards & 1/1 cards

Cards that Dont get sent out: 1. Some Base Cards or common cards

I am not Promising any Hits to any Person who Buys a Spot in this Break.

Your buying a Spot for any Card(s) with your team on it that you Purchased.If By chance there is No cards with your team on them during the break, You have the right to request from me a Refund. Only IF there is NO cards with your team(s) on them.

Thank you for those who participated in this break. A link to my store:

  • If you have any Questions, Dont forget to ask.
Definition what a "HIT" means: Hit - Any autographed or memorabilia card. Definition Provided BY: Are offerding for 1 SPOT in a Bowman Baseball Blaster BOX Break, only.

Not the Actual Baseball Box Pictured.

Every one (1) Purchase gives you 1 spot in a Team Break.

If You Purchase twice, you will get 2 spots in the Break.

Again, Please be patient for all 32 purchases to be filled.

ATTENTION:You are NOT purchasing a BOX or CASE - Only a spot in the break as described.The break is aPYT (Pick Your Team) break.

I will be Shipping any and all HITS, Relics (Mem) and autographs cards in this break, some base Base Cards.

I will Contact you when all 30 Purchases has been filled thru messege System post the Video of the break.

A recorded Video will be uploaded to my YouTube Channel. I will give you the Link to the Video.

Please be patient for all 30 Purchases to be filled.YOU CAN PICK AS MANY SPOTS THATS AVAILABLE TO YOU.

  • Bonus Draw:
Any one who doesnt recieve a HIT will be Placed in a Skunk draw. I will place all Hitless Buyers in a Random Draw and who ever gets the Number 1 Spot will Win a personal Hit from my PC. My choice. It will be either an Auto or a Mem Card.
  • Always Ask questions befor placing a offer! Do your homework!

Buy Now

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