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1955 Bowman # 250 Larry Napp (UMPIRE) American League G/VG C0004268 For Sale

1955 Bowman # 250 Larry Napp (UMPIRE) American League G/VG C0004268

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1955 Bowman # 250 Larry Napp (UMPIRE) American League G/VG C0004268:

1955 Bowman
# 250 Larry Napp (UMPIRE) American League G/VGPlease Note the Following:We thank you for looking at our store. We will strive to keep a large inventory of vintage cards & memorabiliain various grades at Fair Prices. All of our photosare of the actual item you are purchasing. We use high resolution scans to provide you with the best, most accurate depiction of theitems you are purchasing so youshould feel confident in knowing the item you will receive.We do honor a14 day full refund if at any point you are unsatisfied with your purchase. Shipping on returned items will not be refunded or note the grade is an estimate based on over 35 years in the sports memorabilia business.Below is a brief synopsis of our Grading Scale.

NMMT A truly exception card. Centering 60/40 Or better with nearly flawless corners. Our Highest Grade.

NM+ A near perfect card. Centering is 65/35 or better with one corner with minor wear. Card is in focus and free of print lines.

NM/NM+ A grade for Commons only. Card will either be NM or NM+. A true high grade card

NM A beautiful card. Centering is 75/25 or better with sharp corners. Could have minor wear on 2 corners. Card is in focus and free of print lines.

EXMT+ Very Close to NM. Centering is 75/25 or better. Corners can have minor touches on them, but they still all come to a point.

EXMT/EXMT+ A grade for Commons only. Card will be either EXMT or EXMT+.

EXMT Still a Nice High Grade Card. Centering is 80/20 or Better. Corners have minor to moderate wear, but are still relatively sharp and card has overall nice appearance.

EX+ The Nicest of all the Mid Grade cards. Probably the best deal for the money of all grades. Centering must be 85/15 or Better. Corners can have moderate wear, but no major problems on this grade.

EX/EX+ A grade for Commons Only. Card will be either EX or EX+.

EX A Solid Mid Grade Card. Centering must be 90/10 or Better. Corners can have moderate wear, but no rounding or creasing or major problems on this card.

VGEX The Nicest of the Low Grade cards. Card can't be Miscut. There might be a crease. The corners can be slightly rounded. No major creases or any intentional damage can be on this Card.

VG Still a Decent Low Grade card. No intentional Damage on the card. There can be a major crease or multiple small creases, but there is not a crease the destroys the eye appeal of the card. Card can be miscut if otherwise nice.

GVG Card can have multiple creases. There can be pen or pencil on the back. The card is not destroyed, but has major problems.

GOOD There may be back damage, Multiple creasing, pen or pencil on the front or back of the card. The card is intact, but by no means an attractive card.

FAIR Usually used as a filler card. Card is almost completely worn out. Can have creases throughout, major back damage.

POOR The lowest grade we assign a card. This is just to say you have the card. Can have part of the card missing, writing, major creases etc..

We do combine purchases; however, please be sure to add the cards to the shopping cart and hit the "Request Total from Seller" button to get an updated invoice from us. Orders that are placed separately, will not be combined.SHIPPING AND HANDLING
For our domestic customers: we have a flatshipping fee of $2.30 for individual cards. For multiple items and/or lots, shipping is clearly marked to reflect anticipated cost to mail. It is our policy to not overcharge on any shippingand we only charge theactual expense to properly mail the items to you in your desired timeframe.
For our international customers:we have aflatshipping fee of $10.00 regardless of how many single cards you buy (using shopping cart)
PAYMENTSWe only accept Paypal Payments from confirmed address.
We generally ask the customer to process their payment 24 hours after their order is complete; however, if more time is needed, please contact us and we willdefinitely try to work with you.
If payment is not received, customer is at risk of a transaction cancellation

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