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Bryce Harper Autograph Swatch (Washington Nationals) For Sale

Bryce Harper Autograph Swatch   (Washington Nationals)

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Bryce Harper Autograph Swatch (Washington Nationals) :

Acquired in lot at sale 7/10/2017.

Autograph is on Cloth Swatch (3.50"x 2.5") in soft sleeve & Top loader.

Free combined shipping for combined sports Items.

Shipping will be charged for largest item.

I allow 14 days for payment to be made for "sales".
I would do it for "Buy it Now" items but checkout does not allow it.
It's something I have no control over.
Autograph swatch purchased in a LOT, (5 three inch binders), at an estate sale/sale. Information I have is that he, (Bill Livingston), was a sports photographer and for years collected autographs. I'm not a professional at authenticating. I have looked and compared to others listed on , (mostly trading cards), and they seem to match. I'm not selling them all for I want to keep most of them especially from the earlier years, (late 60's - 80's).There are several duplicates and these I am selling. One thing I noticed is that duplicates are not identical. Most have a place and date of signing. I have researched places and dates to see if plausible. I have taken different pens to fabrics to see if react the same way.Why so cheap? Most of these players have signed several certified trading cards, (flooding the market), and most can be purchased for under $20. Authenticating cost would be a ridiculous investment in my part.If not satisfied upon delivery you may return for refund.
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