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CLEVELAND INDIANS 2016 Panini Donruss Baseball Box Break #1 For Sale

CLEVELAND INDIANS 2016 Panini Donruss Baseball Box Break #1

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CLEVELAND INDIANS 2016 Panini Donruss Baseball Box Break #1:

Greetings and thank you for your interest in my listing

***Before you offer, it is imperative that you read the entire listing***

If you are unfamiliar with this type of sale, please read the entire listing for important details as all sales are final, there will be no returns or refunds. I will be posting multiple sales like this and it is important that you, the interested buyer, understand how they work so that there are no concerns for either you or myself. It is vital to me that I provide you with all the information you need so that you can offer with confidence and peace of mind. I pride myself in making sure that you know what you are offerding on. I am always available to answer any questions, please feel free to message me anytime?pre or post sale. That said, thank you again for your interest!!

Let?s get to what you need to know prior to offerding on this item:

I. What kind of sale is this?

We will be opening a sealed box or case of a particular year, brand and sport of sports cards. This is called a ?break? or ?box break?. The winner will receive a live stream youtube link. The contents and quantity of packs and cards will vary by product and will be listed in this description. Please reference the title of this listing and the photo for the box or case that will be opened. Each team within the sport referenced has a chance to have a card or cards pulled from the sealed box or case. For example, the NFL has 32 teams and therefore, there will be 32 separate sales for each team. MLB has 30 teams, the NBA have 30 teams, etc. Reference the title of this sale to know what specific team is up for sale. Because the item being opened is sealed, the specific contents inside are unknown.

* Please note that the pictures in the title of this listing do not represent or guarantee the items shown

II. Are you offerding on the sealed box/case or the contents within?

No. You are not offerding on or buying the sealed box or case. You are not offerding on or buying a particular card, memorabilia or a sealed pack. This is not a chance sale. This is a Live Stream Box Break sale. You are offerding on a youtube link. Any and all additional items received will be considered a bonus. This listing follows all of ?s listing rules, formats and policies. Your bonus items will be based on the team referenced in the title. Within the title of this listing is a team name, year, sport, set name and whether it?s a hobby or other type of box. In addition you will see the number of the box that is being broken within the case. For example, if you see ?Box Break #3?, that means it is the third box within the case that will be opened and the contents will be revealed. If you are the winner of this listing, in addition to the youtube link, you will be shipped all of the contents within the sealed box of the team referenced in the title. For example, if you offer on the San Francisco 49ers?you will be shipped any items from that team. This may include base cards, inserts, autographs, swatches, material cards or any other memorabilia contained in the sealed box referencing that team.

* There is no guarantee that the contents inside the sealed box or case will contain the team listed in the title. See topic ?IV.? for information about what you will receive if your team does not have an item within the sealed box or case.

III. What happens if I win the sale?

You will be notified by in your shopping cart that payment is due. You must pay for your item fully via PayPal prior to the box break. I will usually set it up so that the sale ends at least 4+ hours prior to the live break, providing you more than enough time to pay prior to the break. Once you have paid, you will receive a message with your winning youtube link that will allow you to view the live break. If you miss the live break, the video will still be available later at the same link. The date and time of the break will be listed in the detailed item description below.

*Failure to fully pay for your item before the scheduled start time of the live stream will result in the cancellation of the order, unless an arrangement has been made with myself and the buyer.

IV. What happens if the sealed box or case does not have any items from the team listed in the listing title?

As a bonus, in addition to the youtube link, you will receive a random card from my personal collection of the team referenced in the listing of this sale. There are no shipping refunds or credits if there are no items of your team pulled in the break.

V. What happens if you win the sale, but fail to pay?

Any unsold or unpaid teams will forfeit the bonus items. I, the breaker, will absorb the loss and retain the unpaid for bonus items. It is vital that you pay prior to the scheduled live stream break.

Ok, now to the good stuff?the bonus item box breakdown!

Product Description:

Scheduled live break: Thursday Jan 18th at 11:00pm EST

1x 2016 Panini Donruss Baseball 24 Pack box ? 24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

Look for Rookie Cards and Autographs from the 2016 Rookie Cass which includes Kyle Schwarber, Corey Seager, Aaaron Nolan, Yoan Moncada, Stephen Piscotty & More!

Collect Donruss Favorites including the Rookies, Rated Rookies, Diamond Kings, Masters of the Game and Power Alley!

Look for Cards and Autographs of Top MLB Stars and HOF Legends including Kris Bryant, Buster Posey, Clayton Kershaw, Cal Ripken, Mark McGwire, Craig Biggio, Andres Galarraga, Omar Vizquel & Many More!

Look for New Autograph & Memorabilia Inserts including Promising Pros Materials, New Breed Autographs and Significant Signatures!

Let?s get to what you need to know while the break is occurring:

Ø All cards pulled will go to the team that is listed on the card, not what the picture shows. This applies to when a player has been traded or has signed with another team

Ø If there is not a team listed, such as a college only, the card will go to the team the player was on during the year of the card being pulled

Ø All cards pulled that have multiple players or teams will be randomized. Please see post break bullets for more information

Ø If a Panini points card is pulled, it will be randomized amongst all buyers after the break using

Let?s get to what you need to know post break:

*I will treat your cards as if they were my own. I take tremendous pride in ensuring that your cards are in perfect condition from the moment they are pulled from the pack. I fully understand the value in protecting the condition of every single one of your items.

Ø Any item that contains an autograph or material, also known as a ?hit?, will be placed into a protective sleeve and a top loader

Ø Base and insert cards will be placed into a protective sleeve

Ø If there is an item pulled that has multiple players or teams on it, I will use to determine which owner will receive the item. I have seen this used on other box breaks and it works very well and provides the fairest way to determine a winner. Owners of the multiple teams will be put on a list, at which time the randomizer will be run 3 times. On the third attempt, the owner at the top of the list will be awarded the item.


Ø All bonus items will be shipped using standard shipping rates.

Ø Items will be placed in a bubble wrap envelope to ensure maximum protection of your bonus items

Ø Tracking number will be provided

Ø buyers outside of the USA are responsible for any and all customs charges, fees, import taxes or other amounts required by your city/state/region/country for any bonus items shipped.

All sales are final. There are no returns or refunds for this sale.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with all of your collection needs!

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